What is Poker Date? How is it different from other dating apps?

Poker Date is location-based social gaming and dating app dedicated to taking you from match to meet and has some very unique features compared to other dating apps. Poker Date is less about endless swiping and more about making real connections with real people in the old and the new fashioned way. So there’s less swiping, more matching, chatting and dating.

Features like,

Who’s up for……? Coffee, Drinks, Dinner.

Lets you see and share fun, creative date ideas for getting together within your city.
Put yourself on the fast-track to love to find a real person to go on a date with this very evening is the idea. Just mark yourself as available for a date that evening. And post your Coffee, Drinks, Dinner invitation on Who’s up for…… to share your Meet Up date idea for quick dates with other members. They’ll see it, and can reply with a direct message to tell you if they’re up for it.

Meet up Trips - Your Ticket to Romance on the Go

A unique way for wanderlusts, people who are travelling solo but want to make friends on the way and explore the world and spark new connections. Meet Up Trips enables travel lovers to connect while also having the opportunity to find love when planning for a big move, prepping for a vacation, or are looking to find a date while on your business trip. Post your trip to share your travel plans and see who else will be in town at the same time to find a buddy/ ideal travel companion to plan a trip with and date ahead of your trip and set it up to meet them when you arrive in a foreign zip code.

Love is a hold’em game

When you hit the Poker tables you can casually get to know your fellow players. Your future perfect date may just be at the same live table as you. Live virtual casino experiences create a casual atmosphere that allows you to interact with people at your own discretion. In-game chat provides players with a great opportunity to mingle and meet new people virtually even without having to like them first and match, as if you’re really with them in person. You could discover that you have more in common with someone than merely playing the same swiping game till your thumbs are numb.